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Sport, Recreation and Community Programs Division

The Sport, Recreation and Community Programs Division continues to champion participation in sport and recreation activities across the province. Participation in sport contributes to better health, provides role models for the pursuit of personal excellence, exemplifies the value of teamwork and builds community pride.

image of a woman playing soccerBelonging to a sport club affiliated with a Provincial or Multi Sport Organization is the best option for those pursuing sport at increasingly higher levels. However, if your goal is simply to be healthier or get into better shape, then programs run by community or municipal parks or recreation organizations are also a great option.

Quest for Gold

Providing additional support to athletes from the province of Ontario.

a woman bicyclingRecreation is vital to the health and well-being of individuals, and strengthens communities by encouraging volunteer involvement and providing constructive activities for youth.

The amount that Ontarians spend each year on recreation, sport and fitness, has a powerful impact on job creation and the economy.

a trail in the forestOntario Trails

A world-class system of trails that captures the uniqueness and beauty of Ontario.

Ontario Trails Strategy

The Ontario Trails Strategy is a long-term plan that establishes strategic directions for planning, managing, promoting and using trails in Ontario.

kids playing hockeyLeadership by coaches and volunteers is the key to both safe participation in recreation, sport and physical activity, and the achievement of athletic excellence. Effective coaching creates positive experiences that encourage children and youth to continue their participation and improve their skills and performance.

text says making it safeResources

Each year many people are injured while participating in sport and recreation activities in Ontario.

teenagers at schoolOntario's After School Program gives children and youth in priority neighbourhoods an opportunity to participate in fun, structured activities that contribute to their overall health and well-being.