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Quest for Gold Eligibility

An athlete must be a resident of Ontario for one year prior to his/her nomination for carding status and be a member of their Provincial/Multi Sport Organization (PSO/MSO) and/or their National Sport Organization (NSO). The one-year Ontario residency requirement is waived for any Ontario Card or Canada Card applicant who is a spouse or dependant of a: Regular Force member of the Canadian Forces; or Reservist currently deployed by the Canadian Forces into active service.  

How are athletes selected or nominated for carding status?

There are two types of cards:  Canada Card and Ontario Card.

  • Canada Card:  The Ministry works with Sport Canada to identify athletes to be nominated for Canada Card status.  Only those Ontario athletes currently receiving a Sport Canada card are eligible for this additional funding.
  • Ontario Card:   Ontario Card athletes are selected and nominated by their Provincial/Multi Sport Organization (PSO/MSO) using a combination of minimum criteria provided by the Miinistry and sport-specific selection criteria developed by the PSO/MSO.  Specific selection criteria can be obtained from each PSO/MSO.  The Ministry will only accept nominations for funding directly from eligible PSO/MSOs.