Provincial Sport/Multi Sport Organizations

Provincial Sport / Multi-Sport Organizations (PSO/MSOs) are not-for profit organizations formally recognized by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries as the governing body of a particular amateur sport in Ontario. The primary function of PSO/MSOs is the development of athletes, coaches and officials.

Recognized PSO/MSOs play an important role in the sport system by developing their respective sports across Ontario and encouraging participation in recreational and competitive sport programs. They are self-governing organizations responsible for: developing their sports; providing a competitive pathway for athlete development; selecting provincial teams; recruiting and training coaches, officials and volunteers; conducting provincial championships; and ensuring they operate within their National Sport Organization (NSO) rules.

For the public, a provincially recognized PSO/MSO provides assurance that the organization:

  • Operates in a safe and effective manner;
  • Follows national standards when developing and offering a sport;
  • Offers high quality programs to their members;
  • Has certified coaches and officials; and
  • Has established risk management policies (discipline, harassment, anti-doping, screening for volunteers etc.).

Belonging to a sport club affiliated with a Recognized PSO/MSO is important

PSO/MSOs oversee all aspects of a designated sport and offer programs for people of all ages and abilities, and at all levels of competition. By participating in activities delivered by an organization recognized by a PSO/MSO the public can be assured appropriate standards of coaching, technical programming, officiating and safety have been considered. This will provide individuals with an enjoyable experience while benefiting from sport participation.

The Ministry works with PSO/MSOs to ensure safety is a top priority. This ensures the highest safety standards are applied and monitored throughout all programs and events delivered by those organizations.

View the current list of recognized provincial sport organizations.

Sport Recognition Policy 2016

The Sport Recognition Policy sets out mandatory requirements that all PSO/MSOs must meet in order to be recognized by the Government of Ontario as the governing body for the sport in the province. These requirements help to ensure that sport activities offered by Ontario’s organizations meet a high standard of quality, safety and effectiveness.

The Ministry undertook a review of the Sport Recognition Policy as one of the commitments made under the Ontario Government’s Sport Plan – Game ON.

The revised policy clarifies the steps organizations must take in order to attain recognition. All PSO/MSOs will need to re-apply for recognition under the revised policy, illustrating that they satisfy the criteria.

Organizations are welcome to submit an application to be recognized under the Sport Recognition Policy at any time. However organizations aiming to also obtain funding will need to align with the funding cycle of the Ministry. Below are links to the updated Sport Recognition Policy and the Application Form and Guidelines

  1. Sport Recognition Policy (EN/FR)
  2. Application Form and Guidelines for Sport Recognition Policy (EN/FR)

If you have any questions about the applying for recognition please contact:

Patricia Vena
Manager, Sport and Recreation Unit
Phone: (416) 314-7791

Ontario Amateur Sport Fund

The Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries undertook a redesign of the current sport funding programs to reduce the administrative burden and duplication and to improve the application process. This redesign was a commitment under Game ON – The Ontario Government’s Sport Plan.

The Ontario Amateur Sport Fund (OASF) is a multi-year funding program designed to support the three pillars identified in Game ON: Participation, Development and Excellence.

The Ontario Amateur Sport Fund will lead to greater support for PSO/MSOs to strengthen athlete programming, identify clear athlete performance targets, develop a stronger talent identification system, and operationalize strategic plans for their organizations. The Ontario Amateur Sport Fund will pave the way for Ontarians to have access to a best-in-class amateur sport system from the playground to the podium.

Download the list of 2017-2018 Ontario Amateur Sport Fund recipients

Ontario - Parasport Strong

Building on the success of the 2017 Invictus Games, Ontario is making a legacy investment to support the development of parasport in Ontario. Ontario – Parasport Strong funding will encourage long-term athlete development and enhance coaches' training.

The Ontario – Parasport Strong funding program will also help create a healthy and safe sports system that is inclusive of all ages and abilities.