Ontario Protecting Athletes in Amateur Sport

What People are Saying

"We have heard from Ontario families that they want to know that their children are protected by a safe sport system where everyone understands concussions, actively minimizes the risk, and knows what to do immediately if someone is concussed. If passed, the proposed legislation would empower athletes to raise their hands if they think they or their teammate might have sustained a concussion."

Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

"Students who participate in sports while at university or college aren’t just staying active — they’re learning teamwork, developing their leadership skills and forming close bonds. Ensuring that any young person who steps on a field will be kept safe is a responsibility shared by everyone — teammates, parents, coaches, schools and government. This legislation will help make sports safer for all."

Deb Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development

"Concussions can have a significant impact on a person’s health. If concussions are not properly identified and managed, they can result in permanent brain damage. Because of this, our government is making it safer for children in schools and for young, amateur athletes to participate in sports by proposing this legislation to reduce incidences of concussion and help improve the management of concussions should they occur."

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

"The physical health and well-being of students is foundational to their success at school. This legislation will enhance the concussion policies already in place, and is another step forward in our commitment to making sure that Ontario families feel confident and secure that their children are being cared for at school."

Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education

"I am thrilled that the government has moved forward so quickly and decisively with the introduction of legislation – Rowan’s Law – as recommended by our Committee, and by the jury from the coroner’s inquest into Rowan’s death. This is a significant step forward in changing sport culture and positions Ontario as a leader in Canada in concussion safety in amateur sport."

Dr. Dan Cass, Vice-President Medical and Chief Medical Officer, St. Joseph’s Health Centre

"I want to express my gratitude to all those who made this possible. This would not be the Gold Standard in Concussion Legislation that I believe it will be, without the incredible work put in by government and members of the Advisory Committee. I’m proud that Rowan’s Law will be the benchmark for Canada in Concussion Surveillance, Prevention, Detection and Management."

Gordon Stringer, Rowan’s father

"Concussion legislation will provide education and management with our youngest students and families. We want to encourage a healthy, safe, active lifestyle in our schools and the Rowan's Law recommendations will ensure this will happen. I am so pleased to support this systemic change that will undoubtedly save lives."

Warren Hoshizaki, Director of Education

"The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation congratulates the government on moving forward on progressive legislation and regulations that will create a safe environment where Ontarians can fully participate in sport without the risk of a devastating brain injury. Our work in developing best practices, provincial standards and clinical guidelines supports the government’s intent within this legislation and the recommendations of the Rowan’s Law Advisory committee."

Kent Bassett-Spiers, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

"I am so pleased that the province has introduced this ground-breaking concussion legislation. If passed it will improve detection, management and prevention of concussions across the province. As a committed healthcare professional this legislation will help to keep our youth safe. I can’t think of a better outcome than that."

Elisabeth White, Nurse Practitioner Neurosurgery

"As a brain surgeon, I see things differently. In my view, passing Rowan's Law Concussion Legislation is urgent. Indeed, it is a matter of life and death. I think Kathleen and Gordon Stringer also see it that way. There is a good chance that Rowan would still be with us if concussion legislation had been in force when she sustained her fatal injuries in rugby. With injuries as severe as Rowan's we cannot put the pieces back together again, but Rowan's Law can prevent the damage in the first place."

Dr. Charles H. Tator, OC, MD, PhD, FRCSC FACS, Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto, Division of Neurosurgery, Toronto Western Hospital, Founder, ThinkFirst Canada. Board Member, Parachute Canada, Director, Canadian Concussion Centre

"Safe participation in sport and physical activity make a substantial contribution to the well-being of all Ontarians. We know a lot more about concussions today than we did in the past and Rowan's Law will put into place strategies to educate and reduce the risk of concussions for amateur athletes. Consistent implementation of this legislation across sectors including sport and education will support a culture change to make it easier for athletes to say when they are injured, and to get the help they need to return to sport safely."

Chris Markham, Executive Director & CEO, OPHEA

"I am pleased Ontario is starting to take the necessary steps to minimize concussions while educating how to address the injury when they inevitably occur. We need to look out for one another! We need this legislation passed."

Eric Lindros, NHL Hall of Fame


"We owe it to the family of Rowan Stringer, as well as to the all the children and young people who just want to play sports, be active, and have fun to minimize the risk of concussions and make sure that they are properly managed when they do occur. Parents should settle for nothing less, and for this reason, I am grateful that Ontario in taking bold and decisive action by introducing legislation today."

Rosana (Pellizzari) Salvaterra, MD, CCFP, MSC, FRCPC, Medical Officer of Health, Peterborough Public Health

"Rugby Canada fully supports the government of Ontario’s’ efforts to introduce legislation that will improve the health and safety of our athletes."

Paul Hunter, Manager, National Coach Development Rugby Canada


"We need to keep kids active and involved in sport. Concussions may seem scary, but in the near future, Coaches, athletes and parents will all know what to do as a result of the work of the Rowan’s Law Committee."

Susan Kitchen, Executive Director, Coaches Association of Ontario


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