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Recreation is vital to the health and well-being of individuals, and strengthens communities by encouraging volunteer involvement and providing constructive activities for youth. The $4 billion that Ontarians spend annually on recreation, sport and fitness has a powerful impact on job creation and the economy.

To maximize these social and economic benefits, the ministry promotes participation in recreation at the community level. Funding is provided for programs to reach children and youth, increase physical activity and expand local sport opportunities. Workshops help communities reinforce their capabilities to meet the recreation needs of their residents.

At the provincial level, the ministry partners with recognized provincial sport organizations and encourages them to lower barriers to participation and increase their self-sufficiency. A key priority is to improve the quality of sport and recreation programs for children and youth.

Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund

Healthy Communities Fund

The Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund provides funding to help organizations increase opportunities for participation in sport and recreation, improve physical literacy, and strengthen the community sport and recreation sector through training in areas such as coaching, youth development, and volunteer development.

Ontario Trails

Ontario Trails

Each year, millions of Ontarians and visitors from outside the province experience the province’s world class trails system.

Trails are widely available in all regions, inexpensive to use and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, including children, youth, seniors and people with disabilities. Trails provide health, economic environmental and community-building benefits.