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Cycling In Ontario

Ontario is home to an extensive cycling and trails network that stretches across the province, connects our communities and offers a unique perspective on our urban and rural landscapes. The province is committed to supporting cycling as part of a healthy, active lifestyle, and developing cycling as a tourism draw in Ontario communities.

Ontario is continuing to make it easier to cycle in the province with the release of #CycleON Action Plan 2.0.

Tour By Bike

Tour By Bike, Ontario’s Cycling Tourism Plan, is helping to increase and support cycling tourism experiences. The plan is also helping to position Ontario as a premier destination for cyclists to discover the province’s landscapes, communities and heritage.

Tour By Bike also supports #CycleON: Ontario's Cycling Strategy, the government's 20-year vision to encourage the growth of cycling and improve safety for cyclists across the province.

Trails in Ontario

Ontario has a world-class system of diverse trails in urban, suburban, rural and remote settings that people across Ontario can use for biking, recreation and tourism. Trails contribute to our economy, benefit our environment and health, build strong communities and improve the quality of life for all Ontario citizens. This year, the first Trails of Distinction were announced as part of the launch of the Ontario Trails of Distinction (OTD) Program.