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Coaching and Leadership

Leadership by coaches and other volunteers is the key to both safe participation in recreation, sport and physical activity, and the achievement of athletic excellence. Effective coaching creates positive experiences that encourage children and youth to continue their participation and improve their skills and performance.

Coaching in Ontario

Coaching in Ontario is developed mainly by the National Coaching Certification Program, delivered through a partnership of the federal and provincial governments and amateur sport organizations.


Information for parents, athletes, coaches and officials on concussion prevention, identification and management.

Getting Involved

The Ministry is committed to encouraging involvement in sport, recreation, and physical activity among Ontarians. For children in particular, participation in recreational and competitive sport provides excellent opportunities for healthy development and life-long healthy living.

Resources for Making it Safer

Each year many people are injured while participating in sport and recreation activities in Ontario. These injuries result in substantial human and financial costs to both individuals and society. Many of these injuries may be preventable with increased availability of safety information.