Resource-based Tourism

Resource-based tourism is tourism based on using and enjoying the natural environment and resources on Crown lands and waters.

Resource-based tourists hunt, fish, visit provincial parks and conservation reserves, camp, canoe, hike, snowmobile, view wildlife and plants, and enjoy other similar outdoor activities.

To support the development of Ontario's resource-based tourism industry:

  • We provide strategic northern policy and planning advice to industry, other ministries and other levels of government
  • We promote activities that protect, diversify and enhance the industry
  • We build relationships and partnerships with provincial ministries, federal government agencies and key stakeholders to manage tourism business opportunities
  • We encourage the use of the Resource Stewardship Agreement process between the tourism and forestry industries.

Note: resource-based tourism establishments are no longer required to obtain Resource-Based Tourism Establishment Licences. On December 15, 2009, the Ontario Legislature passed Bill 212, the Good Government Act, 2009. This bill repeals the Tourism Act and revokes Regulation 1037 under the Tourism Act, thereby eliminating the licensing program.

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