Travel activities and motivations survey — Canadian travel market

Visiting Garden Theme Attractions While on Trips of One or More Nights

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A Profile Report — December 5, 2007
Executive summary

Over the last two years, 13.1% of adult Canadians (3,246,208) visited a garden theme attraction while on an out-of-town, overnight trip of one or more nights. Botanical gardens (10.8%) were visited on trips more often than garden theme parks (5.2%). Visiting a garden theme attraction while on a trip was the 10th most frequent culture and entertainment activity type undertaken by Canadian Pleasure Travelers in the past two years. However, of those who visited garden theme attractions, only 17.8% (578,726) reported that this activity was the main reason for taking at least one trip.

Relative to the average Canadian Pleasure Traveler, Garden Theme Attraction Visitors are more likely to be female (55.8%), 45 years of age or older and married without dependent children (less than 18 years of age) living at home. They are well-educated (41.0% university degree) and have above-average household incomes ($76,029). They are over-represented in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

Garden Theme Attraction Visitors are relatively active travelers. While they were only the 15th most likely of the 21 culture and entertainment activity types to have taken a trip within their own province or region (89.7%), they were the 9th most likely to have traveled to an adjacent province or region (57.2%) and the 7th most likely to have visited a non-adjacent province or region (41.5%) in the past two years. They were also the 11th most likely to have visited the United States (59.8%), the 9th most likely to have visited Mexico (13.8%), the 9th most likely to have taken a trip to the Caribbean (18.2%) and the 4th most likely to have traveled overseas in the last two years.

Garden Attraction Visitors were more active in culture and entertainment activities while on trips than the typical Canadian Pleasure Traveler. They were especially likely to visit educational attractions (e.g., theme parks and exhibits, science and technology exhibits), to take part in participatory activities (e.g., aboriginal cultural experiences, participatory historical activities) and attend live art performances (e.g., live theatre, high art performances). They were also very active in outdoor activities while on trips and particularly those involving nature (e.g., wildlife viewing; horseback riding) and fitness (e.g., cycling, exercise and jogging). They prefer highly active vacations that offer novelty and opportunities to learn.

Relative to the other culture and entertainment activity types, Garden Attraction Visitors are average users of the Internet to plan (68.5%) and book (47.3%) travel. However, they are above-average consumers of travel-related media and may also be effectively targeted through ‘home and garden' media, natural science and nature media, city lifestyle magazines and multicultural, classical music and jazz / big band radio stations.