Tourism Quick Facts 2015

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World Tourism

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Tourism Receipts (US $B) 4,824
As a percent of world GDP 6.6%
Tourism GDP (US $B)   7,373
As a percent of world GDP  10.1%
Tourism Employment (000s of jobs) 286,181
As a percent of world employment 9.6%
Tourism Foreign Earnings (US $B) 1,366
As a percent of world exports 6.4%
Consumer Spending on Tourism  (US $B) 3,405
As a percent of total personal spending 8.1%

Ontario's Tourism

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Tourism Receipts (CDN $B) 32.3
As a percent of provincial GDP  4.2%
Tourism GDP (CDN $B) 30.9
As a percent of provincial GDP  4.0%
Tourism Employment (000s of jobs) 389
As a percent of provincial employment  5.5%
Tourism Labour Income (CDN $B) 18.8
As a percent of provincial labour income  4.4%
Provincial Tourism Tax Revenues^ (CDN $B) 4.9
As a percent of provincial revenues  3.8%
Municipal Tourism Tax Revenues^ (CDN $B) 1.2
Federal Tourism Tax Revenues^ (CDN $B) 5.2
Tourism Foreign Earnings (CDN $B) 9.1
As a percent of Ont’s total international exports 3.3%
Rank of tourism as an Ontario export 7
Ontario Consumer Spending on Tourism (CDN $B) 34.3
As a percent of total personal spending  7.7%

Sources of Ontario's tourism receipts:

Ontario U.S. Overseas Canadian Provinces
63.2% 11.6% 17.9% 7.3%

Ontario's share of spending of:

Americans in Canada Americans outside the US Overseas in Canada World's international Travellers Canadians in Canada Ontarians' Anywhere in the world
40.6% 2.7% 39.3% 0.7% 35.7% 40.7%

World's Top International Tourism

Table: Top Destinations

  International Overnight
Arrivals (millions)
1. France 84.4
2. US 77.5
3. Spain 68.2
18. Canada 18.0
40. Ontario 8.5

Table: Top Earners

  International Receipts*
(US $B)
1. US 168.7
2. China 113.2
3. Spain 55.3
27. Canada 11.0
46. Ontario 4.9

Table: Top Spenders

  International Expenditure
(US $B)
1. China 238.6
2. US 105.6
3. Germany 73.5
7. Canada 27.9
24. Ontario 13.2


*excludes international transport fares; ^these tax revenues resulting from the total impact of tourism receipts in Ontario.
Sources: World Travel & Tourism Council; Tourism Economics; Statistics Canada’s Travel Survey of the Residents of Canada and International Travel Survey; Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport