Tourism Quick Facts 2014

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World Tourism

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Tourism Receipts (US $B) 4,602
As a percent of world GDP 6.4%
Tourism GDP (US $B)   6,956
As a percent of world GDP  9.7%
Tourism Employment (000s of jobs) 276,340
As a percent of world employment 9.4%
Tourism Foreign Earnings (US $B) 1,278
As a percent of world exports 5.8%
Consumer Spending on Tourism  (US $B) 3,505
As a percent of total personal spending 7.9%

Ontario's Tourism

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Tourism Receipts (CDN $B) 29.8
As a percent of provincial GDP  4.1%
Tourism GDP (CDN $B) 26.6
As a percent of provincial GDP  3.7%
Tourism Employment (000s of jobs) 372
As a percent of provincial employment  5.3%
Tourism Labour Income (CDN $B) 17.5
As a percent of provincial labour income  4.5%
Provincial Tourism Tax Revenues^ (CDN $B) 5.1
As a percent of provincial revenues  4.3%
Municipal Tourism Tax Revenues^ (CDN $B) 1.4
Federal Tourism Tax Revenues^ (CDN $B) 6.4
Tourism Foreign Earnings (CDN $B) 8.5
As a percent of Ont’s total international exports 3.2%
Rank of tourism as an Ontario export 7
Ontario Consumer Spending on Tourism (CDN $B) 34.1
As a percent of total personal spending  7.8%

Sources of Ontario's tourism receipts:

Ontario U.S. Overseas Canadian Provinces
64.4% 11.1% 17.4% 7.1%

Ontario's share of spending of:

Americans in Canada
Americans outside the US
Overseas in Canada
World's international Travellers
Canadians in Canada
Ontarians' Anywhere in the world
37.4% 2.8% 33.6% 0.7% 33.3% 40.1%

World's Top International Tourism

Destinations Earners Spenders
Arrivals (millions)
Receipts* (US $B)
Expenditure (US $B)
1. France 83.8 1. US  146.4 1. China   131.8
2. US 75.0 2. Spain  63.8 2. US  104.0
3. Spain 65.0 3. China 56.1 3. Germany  89.9
17. Canada 16.5 25. Canada 12.8 7. Canada   32.3
41. Ontario 7.3 44. Ontario   5.0 22. Ontario   15.2


*excludes international transport fares; ^these tax revenues resulting from the total impact of tourism receipts in Ontario.
Sources: World Travel & Tourism Council; Tourism Economics; Statistics Canada’s Travel Survey of the Residents of Canada and International Travel Survey; Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport