Support for Ontario’s Tourism Regions

The ministry is committed to the regional tourism approach and continues to support the Regional Tourism Organizations This ongoing support provides the Regional Tourism Organizations with additional tools to encourage more partnerships, strategic coordination and leveraging of regional resources.

Funding Approach

On April 1, 2013, a funding approach was introduced that ensures each Regional Tourism Organization (RTO) receives annual funding and encourages stronger partnerships and a coordinated approach to product development, regional planning and marketing – all of which are essential to the future competitiveness of tourism in Ontario. The funding approach includes:

  1. Base Funding: Each region will receive $500,000 in base funding to maintain its operation and support the Regional Tourism Organization’s business plan. NOTE: Due to the large geographic area, RTO 13 is comprised of three sub-regions with each sub-region receiving base funding.
  2. Proportional Funding: Each region receives funding proportional to its region’s tourism performance. This funding is calculated based on historical tourism data, such as overnight visits.
  3. Partnership Funding: In recognition of strong partnerships and a coordinated approach, each Regional Tourism Organization will be eligible to receive additional funds where they can demonstrate that they have received funds from other sources in support of regional activities. Partnership funding will be capped at a maximum of 20 per cent of the proportional allocation to a maximum of $1.5 million. Regional Tourism Organizations are encouraged to engage with multiple partners.