Revitalizing Ontario Place in a big way

Aerial rendering of a new Ontario Place, facing east towards the city skyline.

On July 31, 2014, the province announced its long-term vision for Ontario Place to revitalize the site into a year-round, vibrant waterfront destination -- building on the site's legacy of innovation, fun and live music.

Scroll through the images below to get a sense of what a future Ontario Place could offer along this spectacular part of Toronto’s waterfront.


Aerial view of the proposed plan for Ontario Place that includes ideas for: a hub for culture, discovery and innovation; a canal district with shops and restaurants; a waterscaped park around the Cinesphere and pods; a celebration common; a green pedestrian land bridge over Lake Shore Boulevard connecting to Exhibition Place; the park and trail on the eastern most edge of the site – all linked by a continuous waterfront trail around the islands.

Sitemap overview with numbered icons indicating locations on a map Culture, discovery and innovation hub Blue Park Canal District and pedestrian land bridge Celebration Common Urban Park and Waterfront Trail


1. Culture, discovery and innovation hub

A new iconic core area that could provide places and spaces for future ideas, with a focus on culture, innovation, learning and research.

Image of the culture, discover and innovation hub.


2. Blue Park

Artist impressions of a waterscape or `blue park’ to bring playful activity and people onto the water with a series of floating elements and surfaces around the Cinesphere and pods.

Image of Blue Park
Image of Blue Park during Winter


3. Creating connections: Canal district, landscaped pedestrian bridge

Artist impressions of a new waterfront promenade along the northern edge of the site – a canal district – for shopping, dining and performance, helping create a greater connection with the growing neighbourhoods close by.

Image of a canal district

Concept for a pedestrian land bridge that extends across Lake Shore Boulevard into Exhibition Place, strengthening connections between the two places as well as to the city.

Image of the land bridge


4. Celebration Common

Ideas for the east island landscape. Inspired by the performance legacy of Ontario Place, the celebration common is envisioned as a flexible, green space for open-air cultural activities, festivals, community events as well as passive recreation.

Image of Celebration Common with families sitting on blankets, cyclists on paths and children running and playing
Image of Celebration Common during an outdoor event filled with a crowd of people.


5. Park and Trail

Already underway, the first step of revitalization is the new urban park and waterfront trail along the eastern edge of Ontario Place. Key elements of this park and trail include a garden to relax and take in the views and a rocky scramble offering a naturalized play area.

Image of the romantic garden.
Image of the Bluffs lower trail.

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