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Ontario's Tourism Investment Strategy and Implementation Plan

Over the past decade, the ministry has raised the profile of Ontario as an ideal destination for tourism industry investors and has supported major investment projects in the province with a one-window business advisory approach.

The Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport is committed to a proactive strategy to attracting investment to Ontario’s tourism industry as set out by the 2012 Tourism Investment Attraction Strategy which identified the following five objectives:

  1. Establish Tourism as a priority sector in Ontario’s investment attraction approach.

  2. Create a powerful value proposition to promote Ontario as a destination of choice for tourism investment.

  3. Develop an investor outreach approach to promote Ontario’s value proposition and generate investment.

  4. Support investment with an all-of-government approach.

  5. Identify provincially owned assets as opportunities for investment attraction.
The strategy and implementation plan provides a roadmap for attracting private sector investment in the tourism industry and supporting investors with an all of government approach.

Ontario's Tourism Investment Strategy and Implementation Plan provides a comprehensive analysis of Ontario's investment and business climate, current investment attraction initiatives, and the state of the tourism industry. It also outlines recommendations for Ontario to take a more aggressive and proactive approach to attracting international private sector tourism investment. The findings from this and previous investment reports form the basis for the Ministry's Tourism Investment Attraction Strategy.