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Interactive Digital Media Fund Information Sessions

Can you create high quality, original interactive digital media content that makes a positive contribution to the Ontario economy? The Interactive Digital Media Fund of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is aimed at strengthening and stimulating economic growth in the interactive digital media sector. Attend one of the information sessions starting Wednesday, August 12.

Ontario Trails Legislation

The Ontario Fun Pass is back!

Fun Passes are being handed out this month in public and private schools. Parents can also access a printable version of the Fun Pass online at

Ontario Trails Legislation

Supporting the Expansion of Ontario Trails

Ontario introduced new legislation to protect and improve thousands of kilometres of the province's urban, suburban, rural and remote land and water trails network while encouraging the expansion of the network.

Bill Davis Trail

Honouring Former Premier Bill Davis at Ontario Place

Ontario is recognizing the leadership and vision of former Premier Bill Davis with a dedicated waterfront trail on the east island at Ontario Place. The William G. Davis Trail is part of the final design of the park and trail at Ontario Place, which the government unveiled on June 24, 2015.