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Supporting Heritage in Your Community

Supporting Heritage in Your Community (html, pdf) has been created to provide a tool for municipal heritage committees or local heritage organizations to make the case for supporting heritage in your community.

Tips and Hints for Giving the Presentation

You will note there are six files:

  • Tips and Hints for Giving the Presentation (The one you are reading now.)
  • Supporting Heritage Slides
  • Main Presentation Speaker Notes
  • Supporting Heritage Supplemental Slides
  • Supplemental Slides Speaker Notes
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Main Presentation Speaker Notes (html, pdf)

This PDF document contains some notes to go along with each slide of the presentation. These notes can be printed out and read from while you are presenting.

On most (but not all) pages, we've provided:

  • For more information – links and locations of more resources to help support the statements made on these pages
  • Examples – links and locations of specific examples of what is being discussed on the slides

Supporting Heritage Supplementary Slides (html, pdf)

If you have more time during your presentation to council, you may want to integrate some or all of those slides into the presentation. We've provided suggestions as to where they might go in the speaker's notes.

Supplementary Slides Speaker Notes (html, pdf)

This PDF document contains some notes to go along with each of the Supplementary Slides. They follow the same format as the slide notes for the main presentation and can be printed out and read from while you are presenting.

Frequently Asked Questions (html)

There may be questions brought up by councillors or others during the presentation not answered by material within the presentation.

We have provided some possible Frequently Asked Questions and answers related to the presentation.

You can probably anticipate the questions you'll encounter during the presentation as well. If you come up with something different than what we have or encounter a particularly good question during your presentation), let us know.

Some General Tips

Here are some general tips that might make your presentation more successful.

Practice makes perfect

Try rehearsing the presentation you plan to give a couple of times. It's even better if you can find a person or two who can act as an audience for these rehearsals.

Having a real person there can make a big difference as they might be able to give you suggestions, adjust your timing or spot mistakes you might have made.

Print out copies of the presentation for those you are presenting for

Printing out handouts to give to the people you are presenting to has the advantage of giving them something to pay attention to during your presentation and also providing space for the audience to write questions and comments down. This might save you being interrupted during the presentation. It also gives them something concrete to take away from the presentation that might refresh their memory later.