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Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties

Part III.1 of the Ontario Heritage Act authorized the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, in consultation with ministries and affected public bodies to prepare standards and guidelines for conservation of provincial heritage properties.

These standards and guidelines set out the criteria and process for identifying provincial heritage properties and set the standards for their protection, maintenance, use and disposal.

The Standards and Guidelines require all ministries and public bodies that have been prescribed by regulation to identify, protect and care for provincial heritage properties they own and manage. The Standards and Guidelines apply to provincial heritage properties that are:

  • owned by a ministry
  • owned by a prescribed public body
  • occupied by a ministry or prescribed public body if they are entitled to make alterations

Examples of provincial heritage properties include:

  • courthouses and jails
  • monuments and cemeteries
  • historic gardens and forts,
  • provincial parks and cultural heritage landscapes
  • power generating stations and provincial mental health facilities
  • bridges, museums and historic houses

If you have a question about the identification, care and management of provincial heritage property, contact the property owner/authority.

Policies and Procedures

Under these Standards and Guidelines, each ministry and prescribed public body is required to establish and maintain a cultural heritage conservation policy and procedure(s) for identifying and managing provincial heritage properties

Source Law

List of prescribed public bodies

The standards and guidelines apply to properties owned or controlled by the province — i.e. by provincial ministries and by public bodies that have been prescribed by regulation. The following public bodies have been prescribed under Ontario Regulation 157/10:

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