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Discover Ontario’s Heritage

Museums, Historical Societies and Provincial Heritage Organizations

The ministry works closely with museums, historical societies and provincial heritage organizations. These organizations engage Ontarians in discovery. From learning how to research one’s family history, to telling the stories of your community, these organizations help support cultural tourism and contribute to community vibrancy. Find out how to reach these organizations below.


The ministry provides over annual funding support to community museums in Ontario that meet provincial standards. Together these museums tell Ontario’s story. Find what’s happening at your local community museum today.

Historical Societies

There are hundreds of local historical societies in every region of Ontario. Over 350 of these are affiliates of the Ontario Historical Society, with new groups affiliating every year in response to needs in their local community. The ministry provides annual funding to eligible historical societies to support their operations. Discover the local historical society in your region – you might be surprised!

Provincial Heritage Organizations

This ministry provides annual operating support to the 12 Provincial Heritage Organizations listed below. They are umbrella organizations for the major types of heritage activities across the province, representing disciplines such as archaeology, genealogy, architecture, history, archives and museums. The programs and services they deliver promote wide public access to Ontario's heritage and encourage public participation in heritage conservation activities.