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Search for information about Ontario's cultural heritage resources

These sources can help you find information about Ontario's cultural heritage resources, which include built heritage resources, archaeological sites and cultural heritage landscapes:

Municipal register of cultural heritage properties

Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act requires the clerk of every local municipality to keep a current, publicly accessible register of properties of cultural heritage value or interest situated in the municipality. You may be able to find your municipality's register online. For further information, see the information sheet on listing cultural heritage properties on the municipal register.

Ontario Heritage Trust

The Ontario Heritage Trust maintains the Ontario Heritage Act Register. When municipal councils pass, amend or repeal a designating bylaw, make decisions about alterations or demolitions of heritage properties or use other tools under the Ontario Heritage Act, documents generated by these processes are provided to the Trust. These documents are maintained by the Ontario Heritage Act Registrar. 

Canadian Register of Historic Places

The Canadian Register is a searchable database containing information about recognized historic places of local, provincial, territorial and national significance. To be nominated, a place must be formally recognized under the Ontario Heritage Act through municipal designation by-law, ownership by the Ontario Heritage Trust, or a heritage conservation easement. It must also meet eligibility criteria and documentation standards. The federal government is also responsible for nominating National Historic Sites and federally protected or owned heritage properties.