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Current policy initiatives

A rapidly evolving regulatory and business environment is now transforming the way in which cultural content products will be conceived, developed, produced, distributed and enjoyed by consumers. This ministry engages in priority policy analysis, development and advocacy with partners at all levels of government. Our goal is to encourage a modernized legislative and regulatory environment that provides cultural content producers with the most favourable environment in the world in which to do business and reach audiences with their work.

Ontario's Entertainment and Creative Cluster: A Framework for Growth

This document lays out this ministry's vision for the continued growth and leadership of Ontario's entertainment and creative cluster (the film, television, publishing, music and interactive digital media sectors).

Multicultural journalism fund

The multicultural journalism fund is a pilot project that will provide $6 million over three years ($2 million/year) to support multicultural news journalism.

Broadcasting policy development

The shifting communications environment within the television, radio, wireless and Internet sectors has a fundamental impact on the content production, delivery and consumption of Canada's broadcasting system. This ministry is actively researching and monitoring this sector.

Canada's digital economy strategy

The Government of Canada is developing a Digital Economy Strategy for Canada One of its key elements is the need to position a strong and competitive digital media industry so it can take a leading role in shaping the global digital economy. This ministry is actively engaged in monitoring the process, analyzing the impacts of options on cultural stakeholders and ensuring that an integrated digital economy strategy recognizes the critical role of content producers.

Copyright modernization

The proposed Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-32) was introduced into the House of Commons in 2010 to update the system of rights and obligations that govern the use of intellectual property in Canada. This ministry is tracking the progress of the Bill and stakeholder responses. A balanced copyright regime is fundamental to the continued growth of the cultural media industries and our culture in general. It would provide fair opportunities for citizens to use and enjoy entertainment content and also ensure that creators of entertainment products benefit from their work.

Digital transformation

This ministry is working on a project, in partnership with the Ontario Media Development Corporation, to analyze the growing transformation of cultural products and experiences to digital platforms. Our goals are to:

  • Better understand future opportunities and successful business models for Ontario products
  • Help maximize our potential in digital production
  • Enable cultural entrepreneurs to innovate and evolve the digital aspects of their businesses.

Foreign investment

Ownership and control of cultural businesses in Canada has been historically critical to preserving cultural expression by Canadians, for Canadians. Investment by non-Canadians in cultural businesses falls under the Investment Canada Act, which can review new investments to determine the impact on and benefits to cultural expression and a thriving cultural sector in Canada. This ministry is keeping a close eye on recent federal initiatives to review Canada's approach to foreign investment in the telecommunications and satellite industry as well as the book publishing industry. These could positively and negatively impact the business of developing and distributing cultural content.