Health and safety information

These resources provide important health and safety information for working artists, as well as information on health codes and guidelines for organizations.

Al and Malka Green Artists' Health Centre

This centre is located at the Toronto Western Hospital and is supported by the Artists' Health Centre Foundation. It offers complementary/alternative and conventional health care to professional creative and performing artists, and to students and staff at postsecondary arts institutions. Its mandate includes research, education and outreach to the arts community.

Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology

The mission of this national arts service organization is to promote the professional development of its members and work for the betterment of the Canadian live performance community. Its website includes information about health and safety issues across Canada and the guide Theatre Safety Basics.

Public Services Health & Safety Association

This association works primarily with other members of the Prevention System, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Ministry of Labour and the other Safe Workplace Associations and Designated Entities to develop products that teach safety to people in the education sector. It includes links useful to visual artists to information on health and safety for art centres.

Environmental Defence Ontario

This website explains the importance of Material Safety Data Sheets and how to obtain them. Material Safety Data Sheets are technical specification sheets that provide information on a product's hazards, as well as the precautions required for safe use of the product in the working environment.

Ministry of Labour

The safety guidelines for Ontario's film and television industry and for the live performance industry, developed by joint management labour committees, are available at this website. Ministry of Labour inspectors can refer to measures in the guidelines, depending on the circumstances of a particular situation, as reasonable precautions an employer can take under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to protect workers.

To Act in Safety

An initiative of Theatre Ontario with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, this website contains comprehensive information about health and safety issues in Ontario theatres, including safety guidelines. This organization also provides safety training programs.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

This website has general information about workplace safety and information about rights and obligations of workers. Its information could be applicable to artists covered by their employers for workplace injuries and accidents under this agency.