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Archaeologists Licensed in Ontario

Archaeologists who carry out fieldwork in Ontario need to hold a valid archaeological licence. This is required under the Ontario Heritage Act. A person who knowingly disturbs or alters an archaeological site or takes an artifact from a site without holding a valid licence is guilty of an offence under this Act, and may be prosecuted.

Our ministry licences archaeologists. We also publish a list of all archaeologists licensed in Ontario. This list is updated monthly.  There are three types of archaeological licences in Ontario. Archaeologists who provide consulting services in Ontario must hold a valid Professional licence. Licensed archaeologists can apply to renew their licence at the end of their licence term.  Licences may be renewed for up to 3 years at a time.

Click the type of licence below for a complete list of archaeologists holding that licence:

Please report any errors or discrepancies in this list by e-mailing Information regarding any person claiming to be a licensed archaeologist and who is not listed here should also be reported.

The collection, use and disclosure of personal information by the Ministry are governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31 (FIPPA). Under FIPPA subsection 2(3), personal information does not include the name, title, contact information or designation of an individual that identifies the individual in a business, professional or official capacity.

Finding a consultant archaeologist

This list of licensed archaeologists is for informational purposes only. It in no way represents our ministry’s endorsement or recommendation of any individual archaeologist or organization on this list.

Consultant archaeologists are eligible to begin new archaeological assessment projects in Ontario depending on their compliance with the Terms and Conditions of their licence. The list does not reflect the compliance standing of the archaeologist or whether or not they are currently eligible to begin new archaeological assessments. For information about an archaeologists’ compliance standing please contact them directly.

Questions to ask a consultant archaeologist

When you are looking to hire a consultant archaeologist it is important to find one suited to your needs.  Selecting an archaeologist with a positive compliance record will help ensure that your archaeological assessment is carried out in good order and that reporting obligations are met quickly. Here are some questions you might ask them: 

  1. Are you licensed to practice archaeology in Ontario?

    Licensed archaeologists are issued licence cards which you can request to see.  Their names will also appear on this website in our list of licensed archaeologists.

  2. Do you hold a professional archaeological licence?

    There are three classes of archaeological licence in Ontario: Avocational, Applied Research and Professional. Only Professional archaeologists can act as consultant archaeologists and carry out archaeological assessments.

  3. Are there currently any conditions or limitations imposed on your licence?

  4. Are you currently restricted from undertaking any specific archaeological fieldwork activities as a result of conditions placed on your licence?

  5. How many times have fieldwork projects carried out under your licence (or by your company) failed ministry inspection?

  6. What percentage of your (or your company’s) archaeological assessment reports pass ministry review without requiring revision?

    Revisions are required when reports do not comply with the Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists.  If, through our review of a report, we determine that standards for fieldwork or reporting have not been met, we will request a revised report that meets the standards.

  7. How many times have your (or your company’s) reports been deemed ‘incomplete’ by the ministry?

    A report will be deemed incomplete when it has not met the Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists and any associated revised reports:

    • are not filed with the ministry before the assigned deadline; or
    • do not address all of the concerns identified to the ministry’s satisfaction.

  8. How many instances of non-compliant fieldwork and reporting have you (or your company) had in the past?

    A report will be deemed non-compliant in cases where the ministry has determined that severely incompetent or destructive fieldwork has occurred. The ministry will deem a report to be non-compliant as a measure of last resort and may choose to engage in additional discretionary rounds of revisions before doing so.

  9. Are you currently eligible to begin new archaeological assessment projects in Ontario?
    Archaeologists may be ineligible to begin new fieldwork due to overdue reports they owe the ministry.

  10. How many projects similar to mine do you (or your company) undertake in a given year?

  11. Are you able to complete my project on time while meeting all of the governments standards for fieldwork and reporting?

Once you have hired a consultant archaeologist

We review the archaeological assessment reports prepared by archaeologists to ensure that they meet the Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists, including appropriate recommendations for the archaeological sites they find. Our review also helps to ensure that archaeologists make appropriate recommendations for the archaeological sites they find.

We communicate the results of our report reviews via letters emailed to the consultant archaeologist. If the archaeologist has listed you as their client in their report, we will copy you on letters that notify them that their report is either compliant or not compliant with the Standards and Guidelines. You will not be copied on letters that request additional fieldwork or a revised report be completed before the report can be considered compliant.  However, you may wish to ask your consultant for copies of these.

Learn more about our review of archaeological licensing.


For more information about archaeological licensing in Ontario contact:

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
Archaeology Programs Unit