Our Commitment

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is committed to providing excellent, high calibre customer service, and to ensuring that our services are timely, responsive, accessible and accountable. Our commitment to excellent customer service includes the:

and the following policies and legislated standards:

General Ministry Service Standards

Staff will work together to serve the ministry's clients by providing accurate and clear information in a timely manner regarding questions, processing applications, approvals and payments.

Program guidelines, decision making and payments will be clear, open, and available in both official languages, as well as in alternate formats upon request.

Clients can expect the ministry's funding programs to be clearly communicated, in both official languages (as appropriate), and reviewed by knowledgeable staff.

Staff will provide advice that:

  • is relevant to the application and reflects the most current information available
  • reflects the ministry's vision, mission and priorities
  • identifies any potential challenges that could affect successful outcomes.

Clients can expect that staff will work together, within the ministry, and across government to ensure that staff provide the best application review possible.

Staff will:

  • consult with the appropriate people to ensure that staff provide fully considered advice
  • share information with those who need it
  • make sure that information is retained and fully accessible for when it is needed.

Clients can expect staff advice and review of their application to be presented in a high quality professional manner.

Staff will ensure that:

  • work is presented in a professional, easy to use manner
  • work is clear, understandable and error free
  • French inquiries are responded to in French
  • work is presented in a manner appropriate to the client.

Clients can expect that staff will process applications in a timely manner in accordance with the ministry’s business service standards.

Working with our clients:
Staff will work with clients to ensure staff clearly understand their requests. Staff will provide a timely, high quality response that meets clients’ needs.

In order to continue to provide excellent service to clients, staff will work with the client to:

  • understand the appropriate context and information needed for a request
  • clarify what's being asked for and when it's needed by
  • understand any changes to the request and what effect they will have on the delivery of the product
  • identify and resolve barriers to answering the request
  • get feedback on staff performance.

Client feedback
We welcome and appreciate client feedback about how we provide our services. Staff will encourage and provide opportunities for formal and informal feedback from our clients to ensure that the ministry continues to meet their needs and expectations. Client feedback will be the primary tool to measure all five of the service standards.

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