Our work

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport:

  • Supports the delivery and marketing of high quality tourism and cultural experiences to Ontarians and visitors to Ontario. Promoting a sustainable, customer-focused tourism industry helps improve our quality of life, increase pride in our communities, and increase economic growth.
  • Encourages the arts and cultural industries, protects Ontario's heritage and advances the public library system to maximize their contribution to the province's economic and social vitality.
  • Seeks to increase investment in Ontario's tourism industry.
  • The Sport, Recreation and Community Programs Division continues to champion participation in sport and recreation activities across Ontario. Through this participation more Ontarians will lead an active healthy lifestyle which will lead to better health outcomes, reduced prevalence of chronic diseases and contribute to a reduced burden on the health care system.
  • Works in partnership with our agencies, attractions, boards and commissions, the tourism industry, other ministries, other levels of government and the private sector.