First Nations libraries and language resources

The First Nations Library Development Program helps First Nations establish and maintain public libraries. It provides special funding programs and on-site consultation opportunities for First Nation public libraries in each Ontario Library Service agency service area. Ontario Library Service - North is the administrative lead on the First Nation public library salary supplement component of this program.

The Ontario Library Service-North and Southern Ontario Library Service also employ library consultant staff through the program. These individuals help with First Nations public library community capacity building, training and education.

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Literacy resources

Speak Up! is an exciting campaign to increase public awareness of the significant challenges First Nations public libraries face, as well as the opportunities they provide. Its goal is to realize the vision for First Nations public libraries set out in Our Way Forward: A Strategic Plan for Ontario First Nations Public Libraries.

First Nations Public Library Week

Every February, First Nations Public Library Week encourages First Nations public libraries to promote their resources and services to their communities through a variety of programs and activities.

The Week also encourages all public libraries to join in the celebration by offering culturally sensitive programmes and displays featuring First Nations content, authors and illustrators.

Get a good idea about the programs and activities of this annual event by visiting the First Nations Public Library Week website.

Aboriginal Library Services Sound Practices

The Sound Practices in Library Services to Aboriginal Peoples: Integrating Relationships, Resources and Realities study, led by the Provincial/Territorial Public Library Council and published in 2009, includes information on Ontario First Nations Public Library sound practices. It also provides examples of sound practices in Aboriginal public library service provided by Ontario public libraries.

Language resources

Aboriginal languages passed on from generation to generation through speaking and writing, teaching and learning, build pride and foster a sense of identity.